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A Fusion of Healing Tools

This is a fusion of tools and methods which allows the soul to choose it's path back to alignment. 

My clients come to me with an issue, worry or health concern they have been struggling to find a resolution to, or clarity on. Part of what I do is to connect them to that resolution and clarity through various forms of energy and body work.

Generally people come because they've reached a sticking point and need help getting unstuck.

My usual key into my client's  inner state is through Clairsentient Reflexology.  This allows me tune into what their combined physical and energetic bodies want to present or  highlight. It can also suggest helpful ways forward. During this phase deep states of relaxation can be induced and brainwave activity is slowed to the rate at which cellular healing occurs. The Vagus nerve can be reset and sometimes spiritual downloads can occur.

Next we  discuss what's been 'thrown up' by the session, quite often the discussion of the issues that were hiding behind the presenting symptoms is cathartic in itself, a connection is made - an 'aha' moment - something is brought out into the light where it can be seen and processed.

Indications for direction of further exploration or energy balancing is  thrown into the pot by the initial reflex session and  the subsequent discussion. This could be anything from Chakra or Meridian work, localised Reiki or Kinesiology techiques, to using Tarot or checking in with an aspect of your Natal (birth) chart and acknowledging and understanding some planetary energies, archetypes, or transiting astrological influences.

Time and again I have witnessed the transformational power of this fusion of healing tools.

The path to realignment is wonderfully eclectic, always fascinating, and ultimately empowering.

These Synergy Sessions last about 2 hours for a fee of £80

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'I had a reflexology treatment with Lorna yesterday after she was recommended to me by a friend.  From just one session with Lorna, I’ve already altered my approach to the way i think about things and am able to  take a calmer approach to things that need dealing with. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel different!

I will 100% be booking another treatment! 
Thank you, Lorna ❤️'

Grace, Westbury

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