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Channelled Healing

Reiki underpins much of what I do and how I live. As well as being a wonderful healing method within itself, it tends to  come through naturally in massage treatments and  works incredibly well in combination with Reflexology.

Reiki treatments are deeply relaxing and performed fully clothed. Most people describe their experience as receiving a warm and loving energy. It's a great antidote to stress, and an excellent way to pull back from the chaos of the world and reconnect with your inner peace.

Reiki is the channeling of ‘Universal Life Energy’ or healing energy, which stimulates the body's own healing response - it can address the root of our healing issues, and be a powerful agent for change.  I have been working with Reiki for nearly 20  years and  am  qualified to Usui Reiki level 3; Master/Teacher, and to level 2 in Seichem Reiki. (A more elemental, Egyptian inspired branch of Reiki)

Your Reiki Sessions last about an  hour for a fee of £40.

Distant Healing and Reiki Attunements are both available by arrangement, please contact me to find out more. 

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'I had a reflexology treatment with Lorna yesterday after she was recommended to me by a friend.  From just one session with Lorna, I’ve already altered my approach to the way i think about things and am able to  take a calmer approach to things that need dealing with. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel different!

I will 100% be booking another treatment! 
Thank you, Lorna ❤️'

Grace, Westbury

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