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Reflexology is my speciality and I love working with it. It is a profoundly relaxing treatment and has enormous capacity for healing. My intuitive approach allows me to tap into what it is the many layers of  your body need to express.  Reflexology naturally incorporates massage and Reiki and works along meridian pathways. It quickly slows brainwave activity and induces a state of deep relaxation, where healing can begin, and clarity can be found.

Reflexology is performed soley on the feet and you remain fully clothed. It has its' healing roots in ancient Egypt  and  is based on the premise that all the body's systems and organs are mapped out in 'reflex areas' on our feet. By working these reflexes, we access those internal areas to improve or maintain well being.

Treatments can help reduce aches and pains, connect you with a deep sense of relaxation, and target underlying issues that are effecting your sense of well being. Conditions that can be addressed include..


fybromyalgia - chronic pain - stress - insomnia -

anxiety - IBS - conception - depression -

and many more...

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'I had a reflexology treatment with Lorna yesterday after she was recommended to me by a friend.  From just one session with Lorna, I’ve already altered my approach to the way i think about things and am able to  take a calmer approach to things that need dealing with. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel different!

I will 100% be booking another treatment! 
Thank you, Lorna ❤️'

Grace, Westbury