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Made To Measure

With over 18 years of experience, and a wide range of remedial and holistic techniques in my skill set, I  offer treatments  to target your specific tensions and pain, or to enable you to simply switch off from the world and relax. Often it's a combination of these, which we discuss and co-created before your treatment. Massage sessions often include hot stones, which both warm the muscle groups for deeper work, and induce a deeper, soothing sense of relaxation.

Your Massage Session lasts an hour  for a fee of £40.

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'I had a reflexology treatment with Lorna yesterday after she was recommended to me by a friend.  From just one session with Lorna, I’ve already altered my approach to the way i think about things and am able to  take a calmer approach to things that need dealing with. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel different!

I will 100% be booking another treatment! 
Thank you, Lorna ❤️'

Grace, Westbury

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